Ascend's 100% Free Credit Rebuilding Portal

We built this completely free credit rebuilding portal to help you rebuild your credit.

  • Increase Your Credit Score in 6 Months or Less
  • Check and Track 5 Common After Bankruptcy Credit Report Errors
  • See New Credit Opportunities After Debt Relief or Bankruptcy
  • Track Your Credit Score, Credit Limit and Credit Mix
  • Get Your Credit After Bankruptcy Questions Answered

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1. Track Your Progress

Set up your ideal credit score and keep track as the graph grows towards your goal!

2. Compare Your Options

Get access to credit faster. You can greatly increase a damaged credit score by responsibly using the right card. Compare options before applying for a new card.

3. See Specific Ideas to Rebuild Credit

Find out different ways to increase your credit score and learn how to do so.

4. Find New Credit Opportunities

See new opportunities for credit and the benefits attached.

5. Get Your Questions Answered

Look and see what other folks are asking and get your post-bankruptcy questions answered instantly.

Chapter 7 Credit Rebuilding Portal

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